ATOS ScanBox programming

Metrologia engineers are trained to run programs and perform off-line programming – also in self-learning mode – on latest-generation ATOS ScanBoxes produced by GOM.
Metrologia personnel are also available to replace ScanBox personnel at customers at any time of year.

Il personale Metrologia è inoltre disponibile ad effettuare sostituzione personale su ScanBox presso clienti in qualsiasi periodo dell’anno.

ATOS ScanBox 6130 - 3D optical measuring machine

ATOS ScanBox is an industrial measuring cell for fully automatic analysis and 3D digital scanning and combines optimised industrial components, mobility and utmost security in a standard 3D measuring machine. It replaces specifically designed measuring cells for numerous projects and automation applications.

ATOS ScanBox is able to perform measurements of the entire surface of both small and large components, produces easy-to-understand results, helps find problems in a simple manner and provides comprehensive reporting.

ATOS ScanBox 6130 was designed to simplify the digital scanning process of large components (up to 3 m in size and/or up to 2000 kg in weight) and can be simply loaded by crane or forklift truck, removing all obstacles and doors.

ATOS ScanBox 6130

ATOS ScanBox 6130

It also has a specifically designed loading system for rapid, repeatable and precise positioning of parts and components. The system ensures:

  • high productivity – components can be prepared in advance on several trucks while the machine is in use, without the need for complex multiple rotating tables
  • rapid changes – component changing is accelerated by their ease of loading and unloading
  • utmost component safety - components can be positioned very precisely in the ScanBox, also using heavy industrial loading equipment such as cranes or forklift trucks.

ATOS ScanBox 6130 014

ATOS 3D digital scanning is the most innovative three-dimensional optical measurement system on the market. ATOS measure objects of various sizes, surface finishes and complexity, giving utmost versatility to 3D digital scanning via:

  • accurate 3D coordinates and high quality data
  • surface deviations compared to the CAD, compared to 2D and between two elements
  • section, GD&T and trend analysis
  • complete measurement reports.

The ATOS 3D scanner with integrated photogrammetry includes Triple Scan e Blue Light technologies, thanks to which it is possible to measure with greater detail – and in all environmental and light conditions – characteristic parts of different components in terms of size, surface finish and geometry.

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