Environmental measurement

Metrologia SpA is successfully engaged in environmental measurement, thanks to use of the most up-to-date and appropriate instrumentation and the excellence of its technical staff.

Protection of the cultural heritage

Whether it be restorations, scientific analyses, putting works in conditions of safety or virtual presentations of historical sites not accessible to visitors, Metrologia SpA provides the possibility to document historical buildings and archaeological sites in a comprehensive and detailed manner using instruments with integrated colour camera that instantly take photorealistic 3D images.


  • true, complete and accurate 3D reproductions of reality
  • 3D documentation
  • easy conversion of the scenes captured into orthophotos and CAD.

rilevazione ambientale SEZA1

Crime and accident scenes

Metrologia SpA uses compact and manageable instrumentation particularly suitable for rapid and complete 3D scanning of crime and accident scenes, as well as insured damage. This makes it possible to record all the details that may be relevant for the purposes of subsequent reconstruction of the crime or accident. Moreover, in view of important events, it is possible to scan the areas in which these will take place in order to develop adequate security plans.

Scena crimine


  • durable and detailed 3D archiving of crime and accident scenes
  • easy 3D simulation of the crime or accident
  • preparation of emergency plans and security measures based on realistic virtual representations.

News and events

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Metrologia SpA will be present at the following international trade fair. MECSPE, 17-19 March 2016, Fiere di Parma (Parma exhibition centre).

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3 July 2015 – Non-Contact Experience


On 3 July 2015, at the headquarters of Metrologia SpA in Beinasco (Turin, Italy), a Non-Contact Experience took place with...

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