Reverse engineering

Metrologia SpA has, among its staff, some of the best engineers in the country, able to address any reverse engineering issue; this activity is carried out with lasers as well as by optical or photogrammetric measurement.

Non-contact scanning and inspection

The 3D optical scanning systems used by Metrologia provide accurate scans together with high resolution and at high speed. These systems produce three-dimensional measurement and analysis data for industrial components such as sheet metal parts, moulds and equipment, turbine blades, prototypes, plastic injection moulds, cast and forged parts and many more. Instead of measuring individual points or measuring with a laser, 3D optical scanning precisely captures the entire geometry and the primitives of a part in a point cloud or a polygon mesh.
Non-contact instruments are used on a large scale in various industrial sectors and can measure objects of different sizes, with different surface finishes and complex shapes.

At the Metrologia headquarters, a new and exclusive Non-Contact Room has been set up, totally dedicated to 3D optical scanning and equipped with cutting-edge equipment, unique in the metrology sector..

Metrologia uses Atos GOM instrumentation with Blue Light technology.

News and events

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Metrologia SpA will be present at the following international trade fair. MECSPE, 17-19 March 2016, Fiere di Parma (Parma exhibition centre).

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3 July 2015 – Non-Contact Experience


On 3 July 2015, at the headquarters of Metrologia SpA in Beinasco (Turin, Italy), a Non-Contact Experience took place with...

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